This strong prophetic word tells us that regardless of the season we find ourselves in (whether good or bad, favourable or unfavourable) God is doing something new. Even when we find ourselves in a wilderness, God will make a way, and in the desert He will supply our source of water. God is a moving Spirit and we need to learn to move with Him. In God, there is fresh manna everyday. Verse 18 of Isaiah 43 says to “forget the former things.” This is the key to a new and living way – do not be stuck in former methods or the way things used to be, but rather put ourselves in position to hear God’s plan and purpose for today.

DunamisLife exists to continue to extend God’s kingdom on earth in soul winning, discipleship, leadership development, ministry expansion, and community influence by means of establishing churches (Dunamis Campuses) and other related ministries through the ethos of “sonship” and mentoring.

The vision of DunamisLife is ‘not’ a statement of exclusiveness, rather it is a declaration that we as a fellowship have a specific calling and purpose in God. We want to go to the next level in the call that we have in discipleship, that is to establish and recognise our ‘sons’ in a stronger and more competent way. This is the primary purpose of DunamisLife. A wise father, while he lives, establishes and builds good strong boundaries and foundations that can endure and live well beyond his time. Why? Because it is about the Kingdom. There were those who followed Paul, Peter, Apollos and Barnabas (this represented individual giftings, personalities and callings) but they all knew that ultimately and primarily it was about building His Kingdom and that is exactly what DunamisLife is all about. Using our individual giftings and callings, not to compete with others nor to exclude others, but rather to add and build His Kingdom.