Unless the Lord builds the house… Psalm 127:1 makes it very clear that ‘He’ must be the builder of the house (church), if He is not then all we do is in vain. I look back over the last 12 months and I’m filled with awe and excitement at what we have done as a fellowship. Not only in what has been accomplished with the physical building, but also when I see people’s lives being touched and built in the Lord.

But how does God build the house? Verses 3-5 tells us that the house is built through sons/daughters which means relationships. If we are to build a ‘physical’ building it will come as a result of relationships being built on a personal level.

This is no more true than in the area of ‘discipleship’. The best fruit that I can testify to in this would be seen in our G-Men, G-Women and Foundational Truths Class. We need to build this year in our ‘vertical’ relationship, this is with God, and in our ‘horizontal’ relationship, this is with each other. Through this process comes ‘unity’ and unity can make even what seems impossible happen. So I ask you this year please join with us in building His house.

“Unless the Lord builds the house…” Psalm 127:1

Senior Pastor’s

Ps Shaun & Sandra Hansen are the founders of Dunamis Christian Centre and DunamisLife. Ps Shaun functions as President and Apostolic Leader over DunamisLife. The overall apostolic oversight is facilitated by the directors and heads of campuses. The main function of this oversight is for spiritual covering, accountability as well as support and leadership development.