Shekinah Women’s Conference 2019 entitled “Anew” is coming this July from the 19th to the 20th with Guest Speaker Patrick Fitzgerald from Ireland. Online registration is available below.

Instructions of how to register - select how many tickets you’d like to purchase. Fill out the required field for each ticket. After filling in each required field for each ticket, proceed with payment for purchase at the bottom of the screen. An email is required for online registration in order to receive an email confirmation of purchase.

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: We only charge a max amount of $20 per family for child care even if more than 2 kids are being registered. So please only register and pay for 2 kids tickets and then indicate any other kids names you want child care provided for in the paragraph text of the second kids ticket registration.
Please be aware that children’s meals/drinks must be provided by the parent. Children must be signed in and out.